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8th August 2014 | Written by Michael Devlin | Categories : Business Litigation
Innovative Technologies

One of the most innovative and disruptive technologies to take on the traditional markets in recent years has been the boom in the sales of ecigarettes with many entrepreneurial enterprises now seriously challenging the market share of the tobacco companies and this looks set to continue to grow year on year.

This is an exciting time for such enterprises, but as with many innovative and disruptive businesses challenges arise from numerous sources that can cause headaches to those trying to grow their business positively.

We act for several innovative and entrepreneurial companies who look set to challenge the mainstream in the form of ecigarette companies challenging the market share of tobacco companies and P2P lenders challenging the traditional financial institutions. As we have worked alongside these innovative businesses from their outset we understand and appreciate the challenges they face which gives us a unique insight into their needs not only of these specific businesses but this applies to new and innovative businesses in general especially those in the early years of development.

We are in a similar position as we aim to challenge the traditional way that litigation services are provided with a new low cost and simple process tailored to you.

We aim to get to know you and your business in order that we can provide the perfect service for you.

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